Spring 1996
Speak's relaunch, with art director David Carson. The magazine inexplicably begins at the center spread, then moves left and right to either cover. (That's right, half the magazine read backwards.) The cover, still one of my favorites, created lots of controversy. The work of artist John Huggins, the illustration was to accompany an article on the creation of the Joe Camel mascot. The issue was banned from various newsstands in the South because of the cover's imagery and offensive language. In addition, many readers were disturbed by its "celebration of smoking," while a certain cigarette company thought that it mocked them. Most unexpectedly, because of the new Speak logo, a number of people believed the magazine's name was "Cool-Ass."

The Mine Game: Graphic artists work to inform young Laotians and Cambodians of land-mine dangers.

The Rise of Girlie Culture: shopping at Woolworth's with Bust magazine co-founder Debbie Stoller.

The Great Cover-Up: Chip Kidd redesigns four famous book covers.

My Date with Henry: a writer's disastrous attempt to interview Henry Rollins.

1458 words by David Foster Wallace.



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