Winter 1997
A major stumble on the way to respectability, issue #8 contained a typo of epic proportions. The transcriber of an interview with poet Neeli Cherkovski repeatedly misspelled Allen Ginsberg as Allen Ginsburg. The mistake was immediately caught and the change made on the text file—unfortunately after the file had already been sent to the art director for layout. The mistake was caught a second time while the magazine was in pre-production and a note was taped to the Speak wall, where it remained unnoticed through final proofing. A new proofing system, the Ginsburg method, was implemented soon after, and we are proud to say that we've spelled the great poet's name correctly every time since.

Interviews with writer Thomas Frank and filmmaker Atom Egoyan.

Truth Be Told: the history of criminal photography

Swinging London: a critical assessment of London's renaissance.

School's In: some forgotten African-American novels are finally back on the shelf.

"No Lease on Life": fiction by Lynne Tillman




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