June/July 1998
The first standard-sized issue brought with it another unfortunate typo. This one involved opera singer Blanche Thebom. It occurred in an article on a San Francisco drag performer who cited Thebom as an influence. The singer's name was misspelled in the original manuscript as "Thebum," and was caught in an initial computer spell check. Not having read the piece yet, the program's suggestion to change "Thebum" to "The bum" seemed reasonable, and thus Blanche Thebom became Blanche The bum.

It should be noted that Tomas and I know very little of the drag world, and even less about opera. So when we came across the name Blanche The bum, we assumed she was an early novelty opera/drag/rap performer. Still, we made a note to check it and stuck it on the Ginsburg wall. I think it's still there.

Interviews with writer Stanley Fish, filmmaker Whit Stillman, playwright Eve Ensler and musician Nick Cave.

Symbolically Speaking: underground sponsors of corporate sabotage rtmrk goes on the record.

Takin' It Where The Southern Cross' The Yellow Dog: journal excerpts from Mississippi and New Orleans.

"Caucasia": fiction by Danzy Senna

White Label Fever: bootleg recordings have caught the attention of collectors and the FBI.




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