Summer 1999
A humorless and didactic editor's note drew lots of attention to the magazine's plight, and the issue sold extremely well. The note was first inspired by a fax from Maxim magazine that was mistakenly sent to Speak's Katherine Wessling's New York apartment. It was a mindless proposal for a synergistic relationship between Maxim, Virgin Records, Gameshark, and a bunch of unsuspecting college kids, and it perfectly captured the nonsense of publishing. Thankfully we produced a pretty good issue to go along with my arrogant little note.

Interviews with artist George Segal, critic Donna Haraway, filmmaker Robert Altman, author James Thackara and rock band Pavement.

Pop Against Art: essay by Greil Marcus. Silent History: the photographic archive of Dr. Stanley Burns.

The Day God Appeared on You Bet Your Life, What's My Line, To Tell The Truth, Meet The Press: humor by Matt Neuman.

Punk Rock, So What?: twenty years of fear and loathing.

Vanity Kills: novel perspectives of the true crimes of Andrew Cunanan.

Kill Your TV: the writings of Sven Birkerts.




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