This contest was completed about three years ago, but I'm still not skilled enough to remove the link. So please enjoy it, but know that there are no more free Speak subscriptions to be had for a correct answer (and, believe it or not, there is a correct answer). -Dan

Answer vague questions, win insignificant prizes. Include your email or regular address with your answer. Only one winner per household per year please.

Question: In the late nineties, several young men invented a game that would become a frat-house favorite for more than eighteen months. Based on the John Guare play, Six Degrees of Separation, which suggested that every person in the world can be connected using six or fewer associations, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon challenged players to link the unremarkable American actor to other random actors. For this month's contest, Speak has specifically tailored a mixed-media version of the game in keeping with the magazine's smarty-pants editorial.

Link the following: Kevin Bacon and 17th century English writer John Milton. We'll get you started…

#1 Kevin Bacon was in Diner with Steve Guttenberg
#2 Steve Guttenberg was in Bad Medicine with Gilbert Gottfried
#3 Gilbert Gottfried was in Ford Fairlane with Andrew "Dice" Clay…

Prize: Be one of the first five to successfully complete the connection and win a free Speak subscription. (Hint: you're going to need all six steps!)

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